Monday, January 26, 2009

Stainless Steel Three Spoked Handwheels

Hi, it's Diane today. Another regular feature we'll be doing here on our blog a few times a month is showcasing our newest product offerings. So today we're showing off a series from our excellent selection of handwheels.

The GN 949 series of stainless steel three spoked handwheels is pictured here. These handwheels are RoHS-compliant and available in inch and metric sizes, with or without handle. They are designed particularly for sanitary and most corrosion-free environment applications.

The body of the handwheel is precision cast and has a matte, shot-blasted finish. The contact face of the hub is machined, with the rim being concentric and square to the bore. The optional revolving handle is made of black phenolic plastic with a smooth, glossy finish and a stainless steel spindle. Countersunk washers for handwheel retention, as well as special inch and metric bores, are available upon request. Other modifications such as keyways, set screw holes, and more, are offered.

We invite you to find out the full details about these handwheels here in our online catalog. Complete technical data, including dimensional table, is included on the page. You can also check pricing by clicking on the part numbers, or download CAD free by clicking on the CAD buttons.

Looking for a different style of handwheel? Check our full line here, or call our Technical Sales Associates at 800-877-8351 for more information and advice on handwheels.

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