Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Those Hard-to-Find Metric Components

John posting today, with a story for anyone who has faced a challenge when looking for metric machine components.

We sell parts to all sorts of customers, from engineers to purchasing agents at small and large manufacturing companies, and occasionally, to the everyday home hobbyist. Some of our most interesting sales stories involve those "little guys," who sometimes find it hard to acquire what they need until a web search leads them to us. Most of the time the difficulty is due to their need for metric components.

A few years back we learned of such a situation. A gentleman named Greg Smith, who owned a Downeast 38 yacht, had the boat's engine fail catastrophically. A complete rebuild was in order, and Greg found the challenge to that was finding the metric-sized studs, nuts and washers. He tells the tale on the downeastyachts.org Web site:

"Each piece of metric hardware that is removed gets cataloged, as none of the old stuff is going back on the engine. With list in hand, I now search for a vendor. This was probably the most frustrating part of the whole rebuild process. The mom-and-pop places that deal with folks like us don't stock the stuff and aren't willing to do much to solve the problem. The big guys have the stuff, but a two-bit order like mine is a thorn in their side. Just as I was about to lose faith in the American entrepreneurial spirit, I found J.W. Winco, Inc. up in Wisconsin. These guys were willing to supply everything I needed at a reasonable price...."

It's interesting how sometimes it's the simplest parts that prove to be the biggest challenge in a project. Not to toot our own horn, but we do specialize in metric components and stock a big selection, so Greg came to the right place.

We really enjoy it when we can solve this sort of problem for a customer, be he big or small. If it's metric components that are your problem, visit our site at www.jwwinco.com to see our offering. Even if you don't see what you need, call us at 800-877-8351; metric components are our specialty and we can probably locate what you need.

Oh, and while I'm horn-tooting: I just have to share some good news. We were recently voted the Leadership in Engineering Winner in the Fastening and Joining category by readers of Design World magazine. A proud achievement for our team!

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