Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Casters for High Heat Applications

Diane here today, to share with you another interesting problem-solving situation, this time with casters. Because casters are such ubiquitous component--I mean, there are so many types of equipment that need to roll--they are employed in every application imaginable.

The situation of which I speak happened to be a bakery where exposure to oven temperature was taking a terrible toll on cart wheels. In fact, they were consistently failing within a month. Part of the problem was the combination of heat and flour getting trapped in the raceway of the casters, which would cause the wheels to seize up and become immobile.

The solution was the high-temperature PHN caster. The wheels of this caster are made of a reinforced heat resistant phenolic resin with heat-resistant ball bearings, and are able to withstand continuously high temperatures up to 500°F (briefly to 572°F). To further alleviate the problem, the manufacturer added a special heat-resistant silicone O-ring to keep food and other particles from entering the raceway, which you see here. These solutions kept the carts easily mobile and also eliminated the need for maintenance.

We offer these casters in fixed and swivel versions, and the wheels themselves are available upon request. And going back to my first comment about ubiquitous casters: we have a huge selection of casters for any application, and more types available upon request. See them all in our Section 14!

And I hope you will join me and use the word "ubiquitous" in conversation today!

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