Friday, March 27, 2009

Everybody Shares, Everybody Wins

If you, like me (Diane), are a regular reader of any blogs or sites in the design engineering field, odds are by now you have run into Kish, Stephen and Bob.

These three gentlemen are the stars of a new online show called "3 Dudes Gone 3D," sponsored by SolidWorks. I have lost count of the number of advertisements I've encountered for this show, and I gotta say, as a "marketing babe," I'm impressed by the media splash.

I also like the three characters--the egotistical genius Kish, the enthusiastic newbie Stephen, and the old-school, down-to-earth Bob. They all merit the coveted title occasionally bestowed by J.W. Winco, "Engineers We Love." Check them out on the webisode below:

What we also love is the general theme of SolidWorks' campaign: as Bob puts it, "everybody shares, everybody wins." SolidWorks is referring to the tools they provide to their user community to share and co-opt knowledge and designs. We are totally in favor of that outlook, and it's one reason why we created this blog. J.W. Winco possesses some serious expertise in the field of utilizing standard components for efficient and effective design, and we want to share what we know. So we're putting it out here on our blog and our Web site, for customers and non-customers alike.

In a similar vein, there's our free CAD offering. A few years back when we invested the time and money into launching this aspect of our Web site, we talked about the possibility of users "taking advantage" of our models. Obviously, by putting them out there for free, we were sharing the design of our parts with people who might never become customers.

But this is 2009: sharing information is what it's all about. We also feel that if a company demonstrates how valuable it can be as a design partner, customers will come regardless.

And when customers team up with us, as Bob says, everybody wins.

I'm looking forward to upcoming webisodes with him and his pals in their overflow trailer. And they are welcome to download our CAD anytime!

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