Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Perfect Solution for Food Service Equipment

Greetings from a new poster on the blog! I'm Tony Cavadias, the North American Sales Manager for J.W. Winco. I'm writing to share with you an interesting anecdote about how we were able to work with a customer to solve their application problem.

A manufacturer of food service equipment was purchasing a phenolic resin knob from us. They had experienced some problems with this particular knob, due to the brittleness of phenolic resin and the demands of the application. So we suggested that they look at our GN 6336.5 knob as a replacement. This knob is glass-filled nylon plastic with a molded-in stainless steel stud. This type of plastic bears up much better than phenolic when exposed to stress.

The new knob was tested and approved by the customer's engineering team. However, a question arose about the "open backside" of the GN 6336.5: the engineers were worried that it would prevent the knob from meeting NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements, and to be certain of its suitability, expressed their wish for a knob with a closed back that would prevent potential trapping of food scraps.

We contacted our supplier to discuss options, and learned that they were capable of supplying us with the same knob with a closed back that would eliminate any potential problems completely. Our customer approved this version and now had a complete solution to their application problem.

Meanwhile, the customer was working on a new piece of equipment, and decided to incorporate the closed back knob on that product as well to maintain uniformity of look throughout their product line.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is working with customers like this, who are having problems finding the perfect component for their application. Having a broad selection of options and knowing the advantages of each, I'm able to perform a service for the customer that augments the expertise of the engineering staff. Meanwhile, our good relationships with our suppliers enable us to offer even more product options.

Who knew selling machine components could be such exciting stuff?

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