Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Toolbox for Engineers

Diane here, with an addendum of sorts to the previous post about online resources for engineers. But first, the back story of how I found that resource.

Recently one of our Technical Sales Associates was assisting a customer on the phone. This gentleman asked for the density of one of our parts. Our associate told him she’d be happy to find out from the manufacturer what the density was.

As this is not a question we get every day, I was trying to recall from high school physics exactly how one derives density. Something with mass and volume, right? (Well, I’ve told you before I’m not an engineer.) So naturally I headed for the Web to seek a refresher course in density. In the process I found another very handy online resource for engineers, a site called The Engineering ToolBox.

The Engineering ToolBox is a tremendous resource for information organized by topic (such as basics, electrical, material properties, thermodynamics, etc.) and searchable by word. From the Cauchy Number (“a dimensionless value useful for analyzing fluid flow dynamics problems where compressibility is a significant factor”) to the input horsepower to the electrical motor for a pump or fan, it’s right there for you. The left hand column has a number of conversion calculators for all kinds of measurement, as well as an online scientific calculator, the cyber-equivalent of those Texas Instrument status symbols sported by the kids in my high school physics class.

Now that I’ve discovered The Engineering ToolBox, I can impress my friends at cocktail parties by talking about the Cauchy Number, and saying things like, “Density, you know, is the gravitational force acting on the body mass of an object.”

This is probably still not going to convince anyone I’m a real engineer, of course.

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  1. These engineering tool box is stylish and they can be used with many different types of engineering tools. Like you said "I can impress my friends at cocktail parties". I can refer it to my friends too. Thanks for the idea..