Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Choosing the Right Hinge

Greetings, it's Diane, and I have an interesting factoid for you. Know what is the closest to a rhyme for the word "orange"? Door hinge. Yup, it's a fact.

That's all very well, but seeing as this is the J.W. Winco blog, of course we're going to take our topic a step further and actually tell you about door hinges. When you're building any sort of enclosure with access to it's interior, hinges will be a concern. So here are the factors to consider when choosing the right hinge:

Number one is the weight of the lid or door, which can determine both the size and material of the hinge. Our selection of hinges includes a variety of sizes of hinges in zinc die cast, steel, stainless steel, and plastic, and all of these options have their place.

A less obvious consideration is how the enclosure functions and how the door opens. Will it need to open fully, or just 90 degrees? Which way will it swing? Is there room for external hinges or must they be internal? Will the doors need to hold a particular position? Some examples of hinges with interesting functions from our line include the EN 160 Lift-Off Hinge, which is designed for easy unhinging of the door, and the EN 151.2 Lockable Hinge, with a built-in adjustable lever for locking the door into position.

Meanwhile, our GN 161 Hinges are designed specifically to join standard aluminum profiles, a unique but definitely desirable functionality.

Hinges seem like a very elementary sort of component, but certain design innovations can make them pretty tricky and impressive. Our GN 127 Adjustable Alignment Hinges are available in three versions that make them adjustable in different directions. Their design provides for perfect alignment of a door in its frame.

Meanwhile, if security is an issue in your application, you may want to choose a hinge that mounts on the inside of the door, and/or is welded on, like our GN 128 Weldable Hinges.

And of course, the final element in hinge selection is esthetics. All other functions aside, sometimes you just want a hinge to look good. We offer a hinge that incorporates both form and function, the GN 238 Adjustable Alignment Hinge. It combines the adjustable feature of the GN 128 with cover caps that keep the hinge literally clean while also giving it a clean look.

So that's a quick overview of some of the options when you select a hinge. You'll note that we don't happen to offer a orange door hinge. You know, like in the poem:

An engineer, quite fond of orange,
Was trying to spec in a door hinge...

Yeah, you're right--that's not a real poem. Not much of a rhyme either, if you ask me!

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