Thursday, April 23, 2009

EN 5337.8 Safety Star Knobs with Keys

Diane here today, with our latest featured product, our new series EN 5337.8 Safety Star Knobs with Keys in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant star knobs were developed for applications where access by unauthorized personnel is not permitted. The shape of the keyhole profile is identical to the key profile, and the protruding part of the key can be folded so that releasing and clamping for the knob are not impeded, even when the key is in the lock.

Made of glass-fiber reinforced technopolymer plastic, the knobs have a tapped brass insert and are temperature resistant up to 100°C (215°F). The hand knob has a black, matte finish, and the underside plastic cover is ultrasonically welded to the handle body. The knobs are resistant to solvents, oils, grease, and other chemical agents. The keys are made of red plastic with a stainless steel stem. Several sizes are offered standard, and one with a stainless steel insert is available upon request.

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