Monday, May 18, 2009

GN 711 Metric Size Self-Adhesive Rulers

Diane here, with another one of our featured products. Today we look at our series GN 711 metric size self-adhesive rulers. These are handy for use in coordination with control knobs when you want to add a means of measurement to your machine, and are one of the items offered in our Section 9, Control Knobs.

Three models of this self-adhesive ruler are available and all are RoHS compliant. The stainless steel version is scale etched and 0.6 mm thick. A white plastic version is highlighted in silver, scale printed, and 0.3 mm thick. The transparent plastic version is scale printed and 0.3 mm thick. Six different figure sequences are available, and the rulers are offered in 100, 200 and 300 mm lengths.

To apply the ruler, the protective strip is removed from the back and the ruler can then be affixed to the specific surface. Meanwhile, we also offer GN 711.1 indicator arrows in all three materials for use with these rulers.

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