Thursday, May 14, 2009

Put a Toggle Clamp on the Barbie

Diane reporting today, and I'm in a summer mood. That's because this past week a clever do-it-yourselfer who calls himself “Arctikdog” posted to the Weld Talk message board all about his latest project. He built himself two double walled and insulated cabinet smokers, just in time for barbeque season.

I was interested to read his post, not because I can weld, or even because I like brisket. No, I was interested in his use of some of J.W. Winco’s components: our series 431 toggle clamps. I can see why these clamps were an elegant solution to Arctikdog’s design challenge.

As he writes, "The door closure system that I used was a pull down clamp. This gives me a positive closure on the door, and also allows adjustment if your gasket ever gets compressed over time. They were easy to position and weld for me, and I didn’t have to 'invent' something. I got them from J.W. Winco, and they have a large selection of goodies to choose from."

I can see why Arctikdog chose these latch-type horizontal mounting base toggle clamps for his application...I'm sure they serve the purpose perfectly. (By the way, these clamps made of zinc plated sheet metal steel with a red vinyl hand grip, come in three sizes, and are also available in stainless steel.)

Sure, we like it when we can sell a component to an engineer whose project involves a mass-produced machine. But it's also nice when one of our parts just helps a guy have a tastier summer.


  1. I am building a custom smoker for my BBQ comp team and catering business and stumbled across your product. Can an individual buy these or do I need to find a distributor in Wichita Ks.?

  2. You can purchase our parts right online from our website with your credit card. Just visit for these toggle clamps and click on the part number for the part you wish to purchase. Or give our Technical Sales Associates a call at 800-877-8351.