Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GN 113.6 Heavy Duty Self-Locking Release Pins

Diane here, with another new product to introduce to you: our series GN 113.6 Heavy Duty Self-Locking Release Pins.

These release pins are RoHS compliant, and use a ball lock mechanism for rapid connection and securing of components or work pieces. A typical example would be bearing shafts which have to be regularly mounted and unmounted. By depressing the spring-loaded push button, the two balls are freed, and by releasing the button, they are locked.

The release pins have nylon plastic handles, with shafts, balls and springs of heavy duty, hardened and highly abrasion-resistant stainless steel, giving them a high load capacity. Series GN 111 split rings with chains are also available to prevent misplacement of the release pins.

To see more rapid release pins, including the steel version of this one, visit our Section 10--Indexing, Spring and Ball Plungers.

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