Monday, August 10, 2009

New Metric Size Washers in our eStore

Diane reporting, to let you know that we’ve added more metric fasteners to our Web site for online pricing and purchase. The new offerings are five series of washers.

First up is our metric size BN 791 Ribbed Lock Washers. These are available in steel or stainless steel and are used with hex cap and machine screws. When the screw is tightened, the serrations crunch into the mating faces which prevents the screw from loosening up due to vibrations, etc. These washers are used for high vibration resistance due to positive rib contact; and offer excellent pretensioning. We also offer a zinc-plated steel version, our BN 792 series.

Next up is our metric size DIN 9021B Flat Washers in zinc-plated steel. These washers are also known as fender washers. The sizes less than 16 mm are 140 HV class, 140-250 hardness HV; sizes larger than 16 mm are 100 HV class, 100-250 hardness HV.

Here are our metric size DIN 6798A Serrated Lock Washers. They are made of zinc-plated spring steel and have external serrations.

Lastly, I present our metric size DIN 127B Helical Spring Lock Washers. They are available in spring steel, 450-530 HV hardness, with a plain finish; spring steel, 450-530 HV hardness, with a zinc-plated finish; or A2 stainless steel, with plain finish. These washers are without jaws and have square ends.

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