Thursday, October 8, 2009

GN 350.2 Steel Leveling Sets with Spherical Washers

Diane here, showcasing another recent addition to our product line: our series GN 350.2 Steel Leveling Sets with Spherical Washers.

These leveling sets are used for leveling, adjusting, and linking operations. Offered in metric sizes, the sets are RoHS compliant. They are made of zinc-plated, blue passivated steel.

The spherical washer allows precise installation of two non-parallel planes at a required gradient up to ~4°. Leveling sets consist of a threaded upper sleeve and a tapped lower sleeve. The fine thread allows precise, stepless setting and locking using a DIN 1810A hook spanner wrench. An anti-rotation disk serves also as a height limiter for the maximum height. Normally this screw is permanently and securely locked by the static load created when the mounting screw is tightened. If this is not sufficient, the use of a locknut is recommended. A version including the locknut is offered.

For more spherical washer options, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.

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