Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GN 822.1 Steel Mini Indexing Plungers

Here's the scoop on another series of new products we've added to our line: GN 822.1 Steel Mini Indexing Plungers.

These indexing plungers feature six indexing positions, at 30ยบ increments. They are made of zinc-plated, blue passivated steel, with stainless steel plunger and spring, and a knob of matte black glass fiber reinforced nylon plastic, not removable. Offered in metric sizes, they are RoHS compliant.

These indexing plungers feature small, compact dimensions, and are designed for installation in thin walled sheet metal applications. They offer a lockout position for applications that require the plunger pin to be retracted for an extended period of time. Plungers are inserted into position by holding them by the knurled knob. The wrench flats on the lock nut are exposed when the pin is retracted, so that the plunger can be easily tightened by means of an open end wrench.

To see our entire line of spring, indexing and ball plungers, visit Section 10 of our online catalog.

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