Friday, January 29, 2010

GN 923 and 924 Flat-Faced Aluminum Handwheels

We're pretty excited about our new series GN 923 and GN 924 Flat-Faced Aluminum Handwheels, a new modern design that has us quite impressed.

GN 923 handwheels are solid disk, while GN 924 are two-spoked. Both types are available with or without revolving handles, as well as in versions with recessed locking retractable handles and recessed safety retractable handles. All types are RoHS compliant and come in both inch and metric sizes.

These handwheels are distinguished by their modern, flat-faced design and their recessed handles. The handwheel body is pressure die-cast aluminum with powder coated matte black pebble finish or silver textured finish. Rim is concentric and square to bore. The revolving handle is matte black nylon plastic hand piece with zinc plated steel threaded spindle. The removable plastic cover shrouds the assembly hardware such as screws and countersunk washers, as well as the shaft end.

To see our entire line of handwheels, visit Section 5 of our online catalog.

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