Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Punch a Square Hole in Sheet Metal

My weekly googlings recently turned up a fun reference to J.W. Winco. Apparently our website was used as a source for an eHow article on punching square holes in sheet metal.

The key to the whole business, as so often in life, is having the right tool. If you happen to have a punch press and a square punch and die set, you’re good to go. But if you only need to punch a couple of holes on the rare occasion, that’s a prohibitively expensive investment.

The answer is our series GN 123 sheet metal punch, pictured here. This hardened steel punch is capable of penetrating sheet metal up to 2 mm thick. GN 123 punches are available in two sizes, to create square holes that will accommodate 14 or 22 mm.

We offer this tool in conjunction for use in installing our door locks GN 115, GN 115.1 and GN 119. But as the eHow article explains, some automotive parts require a square pass-through hole in either a sheet metal panel or other metal component.

After marking the center of the spot where you want the hole (using black marker on a piece of masking tape), you’ll need to drill a pilot hole. The mandrel of the punching tool is inserted in the pilot hole. You’ll use a ratchet wrench with the punch to drive the square die through the sheet metal.

Complete instructions are here.

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