Friday, March 19, 2010

GN 323.8 Black Aluminum Disk Handwheels for Position Indicators

Our featured product of the day is our GN 323.8 Black Aluminum Disk Handwheels for Position Indicators.

These RoHS-compliant, metric sized handwheels are designed with a circular recess to accept EN 000.8 position indicators (also available). The hub dimensions (connection dimension) correspond to those of GN 323 and DIN 950 handwheels. Versions with and without revolving handle are offered.

The handwheel body is gravity die-cast aluminum with machined hub and a matte black plastic coated finish. The rim is turned on all sides, concentric and square to bore. The revolving handle is black technopolymer plastic. An M4 set screw comes with the handwheel to secure the position indicator in place.

We offer a great selection of handwheels for position indicators, as well as the indicators themselves. Check them out in Section 5 of our online catalog.

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