Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lifting and Lashing Products from RUD

We just recently introduced a unique and superb quality series of lifting and lashing products, manufactured by RUD of Germany.  If safety is your priority, these components are unsurpassed and should definitely be your choice!

More than 30 years ago RUD secured its first patents, for both bolt-on and weldable versions of secure lifting eyes. Frequently occurring industrial accidents (caused by broken DIN 580 eyebolts or self-made weld-on sheet metal or wire constructions) had demonstrated the urgency of design changes.

Since the first series production of its weldable and bolt-on load rings, over 100,000 RUD-manufactured load rings have been sold.  Although these products have proved themselves under the toughest conditions, RUD continues to pursue creating even safer and more reliable products. RUD has updated its original types by increasing the working load limit up to 50 metric tons for weldable and up to 150 metric tons for the boltable types.

Until recently, the design of lifting points has not seriously considered the extent to which loads have to be turned and twisted during the handling process. With these turning movements, the loads can be damaged and/or the lifting system can be considerably overloaded. Properly torqued safety hoist rings are ideal for the needs of mold and die manufacturers. When a mold or die must be flipped, the lifting points need to swivel and pivot at the same time.

Hoist rings from RUD use a body, bushing and graphite-based lubricant to allow them to swivel, and an integrated oval or round eye to allow for pivoting. Another lifting point design uses ball bearings in the body to allow for swiveling and an integrated eye to allow for pivoting.

Why are RUD lifting points pink?  The distinct florescent pink powder coating in not only highly visible, it is a heat indicator.  It permanently changes color at increased temperatures. If chain reaches temperatures above 400°C, the color changes to a deep black, indicating that the chain has been over-heated.

These and other characteristics make these products superior to the competition.  We are delighted to offer five series of load rings, lifting eye bolts and lifting eye nuts on our website (see Section 11, scroll to bottom, and look for pink!).  We also offer the complete line of RUD products upon request.  To learn more, contact us at 1-800-877-8351.

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