Friday, January 14, 2011

GN 298 Housings for Angular or T-Gears

We continue exploring with you the many new items in our complete line of tube connection and conveyor components.  Today we're looking at series GN 298 Housings for Angular or T-Gears.
The metric-sized, RoHS compliant housings are made of gravity die-cast aluminum, plastic coated, with a black textured finish, and stainless steel securing screws.

The housings are used in conjunction with GN 297 bevel-gear wheels and linear actuators / transfer units. The angular / T-gears are designed to deflect the rotary movements of a linear actuator or transfer unit by 90°. Linear actuators, drive/transfer units, and bevel-gear wheels are also available from J.W. Winco. To view our entire line of these components, visit Section 16 of our online catalog.

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