Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inch Size Top Plate Casters

We're excited to add to our large line of metric size casters six series of high quality, RoHS-compliant casters with INCH SIZE top plates. The additions are suitable for medium loads, and include fixed and swivel types, optional brakes, and a variety of wheel materials.

New inch size casters include L-PATH / B-PATH Medium Duty Gray Rubber Wheel Swivel and Fixed Casters, L-POEV / B-POEV Medium Duty Rubber Wheel Swivel and Fixed Casters, L-ALTH / B-ALTH Medium Duty Shock Absorbing Extrathane Treaded Swivel and Fixed Casters, and L-ALST / B-ALST Medium Duty Pressed Aluminum Swivel and Fixed Casters.

The L-PO / B-PO series of Metric Medium Duty Nylon Wheel Swivel and Fixed Casters and the L-POW / B-POW series of Pressed Steel Swivel and Fixed Casters with Medium Duty Brackets have been expanded to include inch sizes as well as metric.

To see our full casters and wheels line, visit Section 14 of our online catalog.

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