Tuesday, December 15, 2015

No. 6312 V Crocodile Clamps with Adjustable Holders

Today we're here to introduce you to our new No. 6312 V Crocodile Clamps with Adjustable Holders, with or without Clamping Bolt or Stud Bolt, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant Crocodile Clamps are infinitely adjustable, easily expanded for every clamping height. They are used for a variety of clamping applications including those using T-grooves and threaded holes. Compression piece and adjustable holders are connected permanently to the clamp body, so the crocodile clamp can be used quickly. The clamp body is equipped with two varied clamping surfaces and can be easily turned to use one side or the other. Due to the fully assembled construction, this makes for easy set-up and handling on equipment. Crocodile clamps are especially suitable for use on injection molding machines and various presses.

Clamp body, compression piece and back support are tempered steel with galvanized finish. Clamping bolt is DIN 787; stud bolt is DIN 6379; washer is DIN 6340; nut is DIN 6330B. All these components are made of tempered steel with a blackened finish.

To see our full line of Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.

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