Monday, January 19, 2009

Adjustable Levers for Quick Changeover

Posting today is John--greetings! I started with J.W. Winco, Inc. over 27 years ago and serve as C.E.O.--Office of the President. I’m pleased to be part of our new blogging team!

Today I’m here to talk about one of our favorite topics at J.W. Winco, quick changeover. We love this subject because over the years we have been able to help so many of our customers improve their designs using quick changeover components.

Take, for example, adjustable levers, many types of which we manufacture right here at our facility. An adjustable lever can go a long way to make a machine more efficient by rendering it tool free. But I better not get ahead of myself...

A machine designed without considering quick changeover options will require tools for adjustment, and utilizes “traditional” fasteners instead. So for example, you might have to adjust cross blocks and move guide rails on that machine by using a hex key wrench to loosen or remove cap screws. I see problems with this design: the wrench has to be kept handy, sooner or later a screw will be lost, and it may even fall into the machinery and damage it.

But substitute adjustable levers for the cap screws and you have made your machine faster, more functional, and safer. The ratcheting characteristic of adjustable levers mean they can be used in tight spaces. Their design also allows for easier visual adjustment to specific positions, and their ergonomic shape makes them user-friendly. They are ideal for situations where more torque is required than can be achieved with a simple knob.

The examples on this post show you (1) Adjustable levers used in lieu of cap screws and nuts on an adjustment rail, and (2) A heavy duty adjustable lever used to lock down an arm once it has been positioned properly according to the markings on the scale. (Click to enlarge photos.)

We pride ourselves on our great selection of adjustable levers in metric and inch, metal and plastic, tapped and stud type, in many colors and just about every possible size. The whole line can be viewed on our Web site here. Questions about using adjustable levers? Post your question as a comment on this post, or call our technical experts at 800-877-8351.

We’ll talk more about quick changeover ideas in future posts!

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