Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Blog for Savvy Engineers

Greetings! This is Diane posting today, here to introduce you to our new blog.

As our “About Us” blurb tells you, J.W. Winco, Inc. sells quality inch and metric standard machine components. But our company has always been about a lot more than just selling parts, and we decided it was high time we used blogging technology as part of that.

We’ve always prided ourselves on helping our customers, largely engineers for OEMs, to get their jobs done faster and better. Our Technical Sales staff knows a lot about standard components and the applications in which they are used. We can make suggestions as to what parts may serve best in what capacities, which metals or plastics may work better in particular applications, and how standard parts can be employed by engineers to save time and money.

So why not start putting everything we know in one place, where engineers (as well as home hobbyists, MRO personnel, and others who use standard industrial components) can find the information easily?

Here are some of the sorts of topics our team will be addressing on this blog in the months to come:

• Technical information you can use
• Information on interesting and unique products
• Special application problems we’ve helped address
• Industry news that impacts us and you

We also hope to make this blog a place where engineers can post their own comments on our topics, and ask questions of our experienced staff members. If you have a question you’d like us to address here, feel free to email us at blog @ (without the spaces).

Oh, and I’m the Marketing Communications Specialist for J.W. Winco--pleased to meet you.. In future posts you will meet our Office of the President members including our CEO, some of our managers and associates who work in various capacities here at our facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin (where right now it is cold enough to be mistaken for Alaska).

I have one tip for you right now and that is: Add this blog to your RSS feed right away! And while you’re at it, please visit, our Web site and bookmark it for future reference. If you’d like to read more about our company, visit our About Us page for the full scoop.

More to come tomorrow!

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