Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Revolutionary Fastening Clamps from Misati

We wanted to share with you today a very special product line offered by J.W. Winco. Misati, S.L., an ISO 9001-certified company in Barcelona, Spain, has been supplying industrial clamps to the world since 1979, and we now distribute these remarkable clamps.

To the right you see an example of Misati clamps in use in an industrial application.

Creative thinking in the field of kinetics led to the development of these clamps, which are well suited to applications in a variety of industries, including assembly, verification, handling, and welding.

You see here an internal view of the double-effect pneumatic cylinder that achieves high-force clamping.

The advantage of the clamps’ new design is the ability to exert greater force with a smaller apparatus. The clamp has a double-effect pneumatic cylinder that transmits a turning movement to the clamping arm along the shaft. Thanks to the special shape of the oblong hole, the clamp exerts high force.

Meanwhile, the line offers a wide variety of standard accessories, which may be combined to suit any specific application without requiring the development of custom components. These features work together to provide a superior clamping solution at a lower cost, saving hundreds of dollars per clamp.

The design of Misati clamps allows for a smaller diameter apparatus to generate up to 333% more force than other clamps. Misati clamps are up to 42% narrower than typical clamps, so are ideal for applications in confined spaces. The design of the force mechanism employs a smaller-than-typical stroke that uses less air per cycle.

The next illustration shows how Misati’s clamps achieve more force with a smaller diameter apparatus.

The sturdy design of these clamps make them suitable for aggressive environments such as machining or resistance welding. They utilize a monobloc body of machined and treated steel, which incorporates the stress mechanism and pneumatic cylinder. The built-in connections have no-flow regulators. If the application requires an extra long arm, a pneumatic cushioning option is available for the clamp.

Pneumatic parts in the clamp can be replaced after wear in a simple manner that doesn’t require removing the clamp from position. The mechanism that generates the force of the clamp has been designed with roller bearings for long life. Each clamp is stamped with the month and year of manufacture, and guaranteed for five years or 20 million cycles.

Clamps are also available in an “anti-spatter” version that is resistant to rust, salt, solvents and chemicals. It is thermal resistant and has an antistatic Teflon coating.

The next illustration is a breakdown of the many advantages of this clamp design.

Misati clamps are offered in four styles, with piston lengths from 20 to 50 mm. The design of the clamp permits either front or lateral mounting with centering guide bushings. They also do not use lateral sockets, which makes for simple installation even in small spaces. Positioning can be highly accurate, and clamps can be interchanged easily. Clamps may also be affixed using a collar that permits them to be easily rotated in place.

Here are some examples of different clamp assemblies possible with the many accessories available.

A broad variety of types of gripper fingers allow the clamp to be configured perfectly to application requirements. Gripper fingers that use a ribbed ball-and-socket joint are available and provide a high friction grip on unmatched surfaces.

Jaw blocks reproduce the surface of the piece to be clamped. Shims are offered to regulate the clamping further. A leveling ball-and-socket joint is useful for clamping delicate pieces. Centering guide bushings can be employed to withstand lateral forces and precisely place couplings and mountings. Other accessories include rearside protection plates, built-in sensors, and cable connectors.

Fastening of accessories uses threaded set screws, socket cap screws, and upper or lower centering guide bushings, making it easy to assemble, center, and exchange parts.

For more information on the Misati clamp line, visit our online catalog's Section 15 Toggle Clamps.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AN 410 Adjustable Guide Rail Brackets with 4-Prong Knob

Here's another new product we've recently introduced to our line of standard machine components, in the Conveyor Components category: our series AN 410 Adjustable Guide Rail Brackets with 4-Prong Knob. These brackets are typically used with adjusting rods and other guide rail holding components. They are available in metric sizes, and are RoHS compliant.

The clamp is black reinforced polyamide, with an eye bolt and bushing of nickel-plated brass. The 4-prong knob is black reinforced polyamide with a brass, nickel-plated bushing molded in.

Guide rail brackets are just one element of J.W. Winco's newly launched line of conveyor components. To see the full range, visit Section 17 of our online catalog.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

GN 350.2 Steel Leveling Sets with Spherical Washers

Diane here, showcasing another recent addition to our product line: our series GN 350.2 Steel Leveling Sets with Spherical Washers.

These leveling sets are used for leveling, adjusting, and linking operations. Offered in metric sizes, the sets are RoHS compliant. They are made of zinc-plated, blue passivated steel.

The spherical washer allows precise installation of two non-parallel planes at a required gradient up to ~4°. Leveling sets consist of a threaded upper sleeve and a tapped lower sleeve. The fine thread allows precise, stepless setting and locking using a DIN 1810A hook spanner wrench. An anti-rotation disk serves also as a height limiter for the maximum height. Normally this screw is permanently and securely locked by the static load created when the mounting screw is tightened. If this is not sufficient, the use of a locknut is recommended. A version including the locknut is offered.

For more spherical washer options, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.