Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GN 816 and 816.1 Steel Locking Plungers

Here are our latest featured products, a pair of indexing plungers from our broad selection: our series GN 816 and GN 816.1 Steel Locking Plungers.

These plungers have a threaded body of zinc-plated, blue passivated steel, stainless steel plunger pin and spring, and zinc-plated steel lock nut. The knob and sleeve are technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), black matte finish, and are not removable. The plungers are RoHS compliant.

For the 816 version, in the rest position the pin of the plunger protrudes. To retract the pin, pull the knob up against the spring force to the final position and turn it 90° to lock the pin in the retracted position. For the 816.1 plunger, in normal position the pin is retracted. To make the pin protrude, push down to the final position and turn 90° to lock the pin. For both, a type with key is also offered. The key is required to move the plunger in the same manner as the knurled knob type. In this version, a cover sleeve provides additional security and safety from unauthorized removal of the locking plunger.

Check out the rest of our spring, indexing and ball plungers in Section 10 of our online catalog.

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