Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MN 140 Pneumatic Power Clamps

Back in October we talked about our very cool Pneumatic Power Clamps manufactured by Misati, S.L. (If you missed that post, it's here.) Since that report, we have added another version of these patented, smaller profile, high clamping force, super-efficient clamps.

The MN 140 series of fastening clamps differs from other models in that the two arms exert an outward force from the center. The RoHS-compliant, metric size clamps are made of C45 hardened steel with a black oxide finish. They have a maximum pressure of 10 bar and work pressure of 6 bar.

As with the other types of Misati power clamps in J.W. Winco’s line, they can be combined with a complete selection of accessories to accommodate any application. Check out the entire line in Section 15 of our online catalog.