Friday, March 19, 2010

GN 323.8 Black Aluminum Disk Handwheels for Position Indicators

Our featured product of the day is our GN 323.8 Black Aluminum Disk Handwheels for Position Indicators.

These RoHS-compliant, metric sized handwheels are designed with a circular recess to accept EN 000.8 position indicators (also available). The hub dimensions (connection dimension) correspond to those of GN 323 and DIN 950 handwheels. Versions with and without revolving handle are offered.

The handwheel body is gravity die-cast aluminum with machined hub and a matte black plastic coated finish. The rim is turned on all sides, concentric and square to bore. The revolving handle is black technopolymer plastic. An M4 set screw comes with the handwheel to secure the position indicator in place.

We offer a great selection of handwheels for position indicators, as well as the indicators themselves. Check them out in Section 5 of our online catalog.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Zinc Die Cast Adjustable Alignment Hinges

Today we're showing off our GN 238 Zinc Die Cast Adjustable Alignment Hinges with Cover Caps.

These RoHS-compliant, metric sized hinges are designed so as to allow a technically and visually perfect alignment of the door to its frame. They are available with both sides adjustable (Type BJ), one side adjustable (Type EJ), and fixed hole type (Type NJ). The steel adjustable bushing has a serrated ring on its bottom side that seats into the radially positioned serrations of the zinc hinge plate when the countersunk screw is tightened. This secures the bushing in place. The plastic cover hides the adjustable bushing and screw to prevent dirt from entering, and also provides a clean, appealing look.

The hinge body is zinc die-cast with a black powder coated finish. The adjustable bushings are blackened steel. Hinge pin is stainless steel and hinge cover is dark gray plastic.

For more options in hinges, check out Section 5 of our online catalog.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Leadership in Wind Energy

The great thing about our business at J.W. Winco is that we get to sell components to every possible industry. When a new industry rises to the fore, odds are good that industry will need our parts. It can be quite exciting!

A great illustration of this is that recent upstart, windpower. What only a few years ago was a novelty is now becoming a valid and essential part of the world's energy resources. And a key component to wind turbines is something so simple it has been around since the earliest years of the Industrial Age: the washer. Well, that simplicity can be deceptive: when you're talking about something as large and carefully engineered as a wind turbine, you're going to need washers of excellent design and quality.

The February issue of the new Windpower Engineering magazine showcases several companies for their "Leadership in Wind Energy." J.W. Winco was fortunate to be included in this competition (you can vote for us here on the Windpower Engineering Web site). As part of our feature we presented some of our most popular series of washers appropriate to the windpower industry, which you see pictured here.

From top to bottom, here are our DIN 6319 C and DIN 6319 D Metric Spherical Seat and Dished Washers, our GN 6339 Heavy Duty Washers, and our GN 350.3 Spherical Leveling Washers. Click on those links to find out all the technical information on these components.

These are just some of inch and metric size, high quality washers we offer. And we're happy to provide washers to everyone from the manufacturer of high tech wind turbines to the Boy Scout making a Pine Derby car. You can view the whole selection in Section 11 of our online catalog, Jig Fixture and Fastening Components.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GN 509 Steel and Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units

Recently added to our product offering are GN 509 Steel and Stainless Steel Ball Transfer Units.

These metric sized components are typically used on conveyor tracks, to enable a linear or rotary movement of heavy loads on those tracks. Three different versions are available: Type SBL, with a housing made of zinc plated, blue passivated sheet steel and a ball of plain finish steel; Type SNI, with a housing made of zinc plated, blue passivated sheet steel and a stainless steel ball; and Type NNI, with housing and ball both made of stainless steel. All types are RoHS compliant. The transfer units have a load capacity of 500 to 2000 N, depending upon size and type.

Related available products are a heavy duty steel version GN 509.1, and spring rings GN 509.3.