Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleverness with Levers

At J.W. Winco we’re always tickled when we learn someone has found a creative use for our machine components. Recently we spotted a forum post on the site, which is directed at filmmakers.

Cinematographer Hal Davey shared his clever use of our WN 300 plastic adjustable levers (specifically part number 6T16F36O) to create adjustable “legs” for a camera slider rail. Hal posted:

“These neat looking legs are glass filled nylon adjustable Levers from J.W. Winco, Inc. They are available in black or orange for $5.95 each including shipping!

“I had to tap the rail for 3/8" x 16 threads. You screw the lever into the rail (3/8" X 16 thread) tightly. Then you can pull the lever outwards against a spring to position the lever into the position you desire. When you release the lever it locks into a toothed ring to hold the position of the lever. The lever shown is the longest available in 3/8" X 16 stud (also available in metric threads).

“You need a nylon spacer 3/4" (about 19mm) by 7/64" thick. The spacer is needed as there is a 1/4" unthreaded shoulder on the lever stud. You should be able to find the spacers at your local hardware store.”

Hal went on to answer a few questions, explaining the appropriateness of our part for this application. The levers are sturdy enough to easily handle the weight of Hal’s 1200 mm rail along with the camera, carriage and mount. The nylon levers won’t mar floors, and they rotate easily out of the way. Best of all, he points out that this solution saved him $200 over the cost of the traditional legs you see here!

Our WN 300 levers have handles made of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic, and their inserts, screws and springs are made of black oxide finish steel. For complete information, see the WN 300 page of our online catalog.

Nice work, Hal!

Monday, April 12, 2010

GN 339 Steel Leveling Mounts

Today we're taking a look at our GN 339 Steel Leveling Mounts. These mounts are RoHS compliant and come in metric sizes. They are used for applications where no jointed link is required between the base and stud.

The base has a straight knurl for quick and easy adjustment. The mounts are made of zinc plated steel with a blue passivated finish, with an ISO 4035 hex nut of the same material. Two options of pads are offered: a gliding pad of white Technopolymer Polyacetal (POM) and a non-skid pad of black Technopolymer rubber (TPE), 73 shore hardness. Both types are firmly embedded in the base.