Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GN 924.3 Two-Spoked Flat-Faced Handwheels with Retractable Handle

We previously posted about our new flat-faced handwheels.  In this new line, we offer GN 924.3 Two-Spoked Flat-Faced Handwheels with Retractable Handle, a variation that can be ideal for applications where you don't want the handwheel's cranking handle to get in the way.

These handwheels are RoHS compliant and come in both inch and metric sizes. They are distinguished by their modern, flat-faced design and recessed handles. The handwheel body is pressure die-cast aluminum with a powder coated matte black pebble finish or a silver textured finish. Rim is concentric and square to bore. The locking retractable handle has a zinc plated steel threaded spindle, a black oxide steel retracting mechanism and matte black nylon plastic hand piece. The removable plastic cover shrouds the assembly hardware such as screws and countersunk washers, as well as the shaft end.

When the handle is pulled upward into operating position, it locks into a conical recess. To fold it down, draw the handle back from the recess and lay it down into the neutral position inside the handwheel spoke. A compression spring holds the handle in both positions.

Check out our huge selection of handwheels in Section 5 of our online catalog.

Friday, June 25, 2010

GN 918.5 Stainless Steel Eccentrical Cam Units

Sharing with you another of our newer products, GN 918.5 Stainless Steel Eccentrical Cam Units.  The metric sized cam units are RoHS compliant. The cam is chemically nickel-plated stainless steel. Hexagon threaded bolt and washer are tempered stainless steel, chemically nickel-plated. The ball lever handle is matte shot blasted stainless steel with a black phenolic plastic ball knob.

These cam units have a relatively long movement and high clamping force, providing rapid and safe clamping and release. The cam offers the advantage of the clamping force acting over the entire clamping area (i.e., maintains the clamping force in all angular positions). The lever handle is linked to the cam via mating serrations which allow the positioning of the lever in a preferred position. The eccentrical cam can also be used with T-slot nuts on machine beds, or as stepless adjustable end stops. If the washer is removed, the eccentrical cam can be clamped directly to its support.

See our entire selection of eccentrical cam units and cam levers in Section 11 of our online catalog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

GN 350.1 Short Model Leveling Sets

Please welcome to the blog another new product:  GN 350.1 Short Model Leveling Sets.

These RoHS-compliant, metric sized leveling sets are made of zinc plated, blue passivated steel, and consist of a threaded upper sleeve and a tapped lower sleeve. They are used for leveling, adjusting, and linking operations of smaller dimensioned components.

The fine thread allows precise, stepless setting and locking using a DIN 1810A hook wrench (available separately). An anti-rotation disk serves also as a height limiter for the maximum height. Normally this screw is permanently and securely locked by the static load created when the mounting screw is tightened. If this is not sufficient, the use of a locknut is recommended.

Check out our other leveling sets in our online catalog, Section 11 - Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components.

Monday, June 7, 2010

GN 709.1 Clamping Pads with Threaded Stem

Introducing you today to another of our new products, series GN 709.1 Clamping Pads with Threaded Stem.  These RoHS-compliant, metric sized clamping pads have a body made of case hardened steel with a black phosphate finish. The ball is hardened steel with a plain finish. Two types are available: with smooth contact face, or with serrated contact face.

These clamping pads can be used as mobile supports or as a backstop for securing or clamping workpieces. The ball is limited to an angular movement of no more than 9°. A version with serrated tapped ball insert is available upon request.

For more clamping pad options, visit our online catalog Section 11, Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components.