Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Retaining Magnet Assemblies

We're delighted to announce a brand new product line:  metric-sized Retaining Magnet Assemblies.  We're offering 18 different types of magnet assemblies, to accommodate any application. 

The use of retaining magnet assemblies is a simple solution for no-wear magnetic holding of an object.  Due to their structure, these magnet assemblies have only one magnetic pulling force level. The full magnetic force is focused directly onto the adhesive surface by means of iron magnetic poles.  The spatial effect of the magnetic field is limited by shielded systems, so that surrounding objects are not magnetized.

Among the types of magnet assemblies we offer are flat gripper types, like the GN 50.1 Disc-Shaped without Thread in steel, which you see to the right...

Rod gripper types, like this GN 54.1 Rod-Shaped with Smooth Finish, in brass...

Button-types, like the GN 60 in steel...

and U-Magnets, like the GN 62, also in steel.

Within the assemblies, the magnets themselves come in four materials:  hard ferrite SrFe (HF type), samarium and cobalt combination AlNiCo (SC type), neodymium, iron and boron version NdFeB (ND type), and aluminum, nickel and cobalt combination AlNiCo (AN type).

They also come in a variety of sizes, threads, and finishes, and are designed to accommodate different mounting requirements.  Magnet assemblies also provide a variety of levels of pulling force. 

To view all the details on our 18 series of retaining magnets, along with pricing, online buying, and (coming soon) CAD models, visit Section 11 of our website catalog.  Or contact a Technical Sales Associate at 800-877-8351 to discuss your application requirements.