Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GN 146.3 Aluminum Flanged Connector Clamps

Here for your consideration is our new series GN 146.3 Aluminum Flanged Connector Clamps, Round Bore Type, available in metric sizes. These RoHS compliant connector clamps are available in black powder coated, textured finish, or tumbled with a matte shot-blasted finish. Cap screws are DIN 912, steel, zinc plated, and nylon insert hex nuts are DIN 985, steel, zinc plated.

The clamping bores of GN 146.3 flanged connector clamps are machined and designed for construction tubings GN 990 or DIN 2391, DIN 2395 and DIN 2462 respectively. In the standard version, the clamping force of the clamp onto the tube is achieved via the socket cap screws and hex nuts with nylon insert.

Kits are available that replace the cap screws with adjustable levers, and include lever, spacer bushing, and hex nut. Versions with stainless steel cap screws and hex nuts available upon request--European Standard No. 1.4301 (American Standard Series 304).

You can view our complete selection of tube connection components in Section 16 of our online catalog.

Monday, May 9, 2011

GN 587 Safety Swivel Load Rings

Today we're featuring our GN 587 Weldable Safety Swivel Load Rings in metric sizes.  These load rings are designed for quick mounting and are RoHS compliant. They provide high dynamic and static strength and can be loaded from any direction with approved safety (safety factor 4).

The load ring is forged steel, European Standard No. 1.6541, high-tensile tempered, with bright pink powder coated finish. The weld-on block is steel S355 J2 + N (ST52-3N), forged, natural finish. The retaining spring is stainless steel tape.

Load ring and weldable block are 100% electro magnetic tensile tested to EN 1677. Stainless steel tape holds the ring in any position and dampens any noise caused by vibrations. All parts are permanently connected. The two support lugs improve the bearing load of the hooks and enhance the support effect of the ring, especially if the ring is side loaded or the lifting point is welded on an uneven work piece. GN 587 load rings comply with Mechanical Engineering Directive 98 / 37 / CE and are BG tested.

To see all our load ring and lifting eyes products, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.