Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aluminum Swivel Clamp Connector Bases

Among the many components in our new tube clamping line is our series GN 271 Aluminum Swivel Clamp Connector Bases in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant clamp connector bases are available with a black powder coated, textured finish or a tumbled, matte shot-blasted finish. They can be assembled with swivel clamp connectors GN 273, GN 275 or GN 277 to create swivel clamp connector joints.

Tube connection components can be combined with round or square tubing to build jigs, fixtures, and operating systems. J.W. Winco offers a vast array of these tube clamp fittings in aluminum or stainless steel, in many configurations. To see our entire line, visit Section 16 of our online catalog.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Steel Locking Plungers with Push-Push Locking Mechanism

Today we're showing off our new GN 514 Steel Locking Plungers with Push-Push Locking Mechanism, in metric sizes.

The indexing pin in this locking plunger is moved by means of a spring-operated cardioid curve. By simply pressing the operating button, this cardioid mechanism causes the indexing pin to extend and retract (push-push locking mechanism). This function is similar to that used in a ball point pen. Please note that the indexing pin cannot absorb any axial foces and that it retracts virtually by spring action; the indexing pin must therefore remain free and easy to move.

The body of these RoHS compliant locking plungers is made of nitrided steel with a blackened finish. The knob is matte black technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), and the optional metric lock nut, ISO 8675, is steel with a blackened finish. Installation can be done with spacer bushings (purchased separately) instead of the lock nut.

Please see our full line of spring, ball and indexing plungers in Section 10 of our online catalog.