Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our GN 421-NI Knobs and the BMW Motorcycle Solution

Those crafty customers of ours...they're forever developing nifty solutions for their applications using J.W. Winco components.

This week we discovered one on a forum for owners of BMW K1600 motorcycles. It seems that sometimes it's desirable to remove the rear seat on these bikes, but they are designed in a way that requires employing a screwdriver...a technique the poster on the forum termed a "PITA," or pain in the you-know-where.

He found that a pair of our GN 421-NI Hollow Knurled Knobs could be swapped in (part ID 5N25P02), resulting in a quick and easy way to take the seat on and off. These metric-sized knobs are indeed an ideal solution for this application. The knurling on the nylon plastic knob provides for a good grip even when wet. And the stainless steel stud prevents corrosion from salt and any other chemicals a rider encounters on the road.

One more ideal aspect of these knobs: while they are excellent quality, they're also economically priced.

It seems a lot of forum readers agree with the poster that our GN 421-NI's are the perfect solution, because they've been buying them ever since the post appeared! Seems to us at J.W. Winco that the engineers at BMW ought to take note and spec this great component into future designs....

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