Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GN 353 Conical Vibration Mounts

Today we're introducing you to our new series GN 353 Conical Vibration/Shock Absorption Mounts in metric sizes. Also known as shock absorbing mounts, vibration mounts, anti-vibration mounts, vibration bobbins or rubber bumpers, these RoHS compliant components are frequently used as end-stop bumpers, e.g., for conveyor trolleys.

Vibration absorption mounts absorb most of the accumulated kinetic energy on impact. They act as dampers and prevent damaging shock and rebound. They also act as sound dampers, and can be used as leveling feet. The parabolic shape generates progressive resilience characteristics: impact and shock effects are absorbed more gently.

Types with tapped hole or with threaded stud are offered. The mount body is of natural rubber (NR), vulcanized, 55 durometer (shore hardness +/-5°). Cover plate, and tapped inserts or threaded studs are molded-in zinc plated, blue passivated steel. Inch size tapped and stud versions are available upon request.

You can see our selection of vibration/isolation and shock absorption mounts in Section 7 of our online catalog.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GN 480.1 Solid Round Shafting and Hollow Round and Square Tubing

Today we're telling you about our new GN 480.1 Solid Round Shafting and Hollow Round and Square Tubing, available in metric sizes. Shafting and tubing is used with mini-clamps and related components to build support structures for mounting sensors, plexiglass guards, or other elements.

Our solid round shafting is offered in stainless steel, in 8 and 10 mm diameters. Round tubing is fabricated of stainless steel, in diameters of 12, 16, or 20 mm. Square tubing is made of aluminum, in 10, 12, or 16 mm square dimensions. All are offered in lengths from 100 to 300 mm, and with or without scale. The optional scales are precision laser engraved, with millimeter graduations. Other scales are available upon request.

To see our complete selection of tube clamping components, visit Section 16 of our online catalog.