Thursday, December 29, 2011

GN 7336 Plastic Hollow Knurled Knobs

New to our immense selection of clamping knobs is our series GN 7336 Plastic Hollow Knurled Knobs, with steel tapped inserts or threaded studs, in metric sizes. Also available is the new series GN 7336-NI, with inserts or studs of stainless steel.

These RoHS compliant knurled knobs are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with a black matte finish. Tapped inserts and threaded studs are made of made of zinc plated, blue passivated steel, or of stainless steel. The tapped inserts are standard hexagonal nuts, which are press-fitted in by machine. The threaded studs are press-fitted in by machine. Cover caps are glass fiber reinforced plastic with a light gray matte finish. Other cap colors as well as printed lettering on caps are available upon request.

GN 7336 knurled knobs feature an attractive and ergonomic design. They also offer the advantage of a closed shape (no recesses on the underside) suitable for applications with hygienic requirements.

You can view our entire selection of clamping knobs in Section 8 of our online catalog.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

GN 304.1 Tapped Type Straight Zinc Die-Cast Adjustable Levers with Push Button

Greetings! Our featured product today is our new GN 304.1 Tapped Type, Straight Zinc Die-Cast Adjustable Lever with Push Button, with Stainless Steel Components. Available in both inch and metric sizes, these RoHS-compliant hand levers have a straight lever parallel to the clamping surface. For some applications this presents an advantage due to limits of space or for visual reasons.

The insert is connected to the lever via serrations which can be easily be disengaged. Pulling the lever upward disengages the serrations, allowing it to be swiveled to the ideal clamping position. When the lever is released, the serrations automatically re-engage. The releasing button is a design element and allows for effortless release action. However, this design is limited to applications that do not require the lever to be disassembled.

The handle is zinc die-cast, and the push button is nylon plastic. The insert, spring, and screw for push button are stainless steel. Levers are available in matte black pebble finish, orange or silver smooth finish, or red textured finish. Buttons may be black, orange, or gray smooth finish. Additional modifications including plain bores, tapped threads and special stud lengths are available upon request.

You can see all our push-button adjustable levers in Section 1 of our online catalog.