Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GN 331 and 332 Tubular Handles with Power Switching Function

GN 331
Today's featured new products are our series GN 331 and 332 Tubular Handles with Power Function, available in metric sizes. These RoHS-compliant tubular handles are designed for unlocking safety tumblers in sliding or rotating doors.

Switches, pushbuttons and LEDs that are normally installed in external operating panels, are here integrated in an attractively shaped tubular handle. The same hand that unlocks the tumbler by pushing the release button with the thumb, can be used to open the door. Versions are offered with one or two buttons and with or without emergency stop. By integrating functions such as emergency stop, start, release, reset and LED status display, this handle allows the machine to be monitored and operated directly at the door or gate. GN 331 handles save mounting and installation work, and are attractively and ergonomically designed--switching and operating functions are located precisely where they are needed.

GN 332
GN 331 series handles have straight shanks, and GN 332 handles are angled. The handle tubing is aluminum and either textured matte black plastic powder-coated finish or natural color anodized. The handle shanks are zinc die cast with textured matte black plastic powder-coated finish. A set with caps in red, green and blue is supplied for every push button. Couplings for plug connectors (GN 331.1) with the appropriate cables are available for tubular handles with electrical switching function.

You can explore our entire offering of pull handles in Section 3 of our website.

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