Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GN 607.4 and 607.5 Indexing Plungers for Welding

GN 607.4
Today we're introducing our new GN 607.4 and 607.5 Indexing Plungers for Welding, with or without Rest Position. These metric sized, RoHS compliant indexing plungers are especially designed for welded mounting, particularly for use with steel square tubing.

The body is blackened steel, plunger hardened, and features a shoulder for easy positioning. The knob is matte black technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), not removable. The knob has a molded-in indexing pin and is supplied separately, to be driven in with a soft mallet after welding.

GN 607.5
The GN 607.4 series does not have a rest position, while the GN 607.5 series does. The rest position feature is used in applications where the indexing pin is temporarily not allowed to protrude. After pulling out, the knob is turned by 90° to its rest position and the pin no longer protrudes. An indexing notch prevents the disengaged knob from turning back accidentally or from shock impact.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GN 702 Stop Locks with 4 Indexing Positions

We are especially excited to introduce our new and innovative GN 702 Zinc Die-Cast Stop Locks with four indexing positions. These metric sized, RoHS-compliant stop locks offer a fast and easy way to close and hold doors, flaps, slide-in models, etc. by locking in four 90° positions.

Three versions are offered: with flange for surface mounting, with female thread, and with male thread. The latch on the stop locks is zinc die-cast, with black or red electrostatically applied powder coat textured finish. The indexing mechanism for the flanged and female threaded types is steel/plastic, steel parts zinc plated, blue passivated; for the male threaded type it is zinc die cast/plastic. The fastening flange is zinc die-cast with electrostatically applied powder coat in black textured finish.

In standard production, the mounting bore holes are usually made by punching or with a laser.

GN 123 sheet metal punch is recommended for small series and sheet metal with a thickness less than 2 mm. Mounting bore holes can also be made by drilling or milling.

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