Thursday, May 31, 2012

GN 704 Quick Release Set Collars

We at J.W. Winco, Inc have introduced another innovative product to our line: GN 704 Quick Release Set Collars.

Parts that need to be secured on stationary or rotating shafts can be easily adjusted with these set collars. Unlike thrust bolts or clamping screws, they generate locking force on the shaft via a cam lever. This quick release design allows the collars to be set or adjusted rapidly and without tools, and the aluminum design results in low mass inertia values.

These RoHS compliant set collars feature a body of black anodized aluminum, and a lever of yellow anodized aluminum. They are available in both inch and metric sizes for a variety of shaft diameters. The slim profile allows for optimal use of space on the shaft.

To see our full line of solid, split, and two-piece set collars, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIN 582-NI Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes

We continue to offer more innovative products in our online catalog, including this one: our DIN 582-NI Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes. These high quality lifting eyes have a tapped thru hole and are metric sized and RoHS compliant. They are manufactured with the contact face machined to allow for firm contact with the mating surface. The stainless steel material and one piece design makes these components suitable for use in food, medical or other clean room applications.

A range of six metric sizes is offered, with tapped threads from M8 to M24. Maximum loads for one bolt range from 1350 to 17,600 N, and with two bolts jointly from 950 to 12,600 N. A steel version is also available (DIN 582) as well as a stud type version (DIN 580). You can see our entire selection of load rings and lifting eyes in Section 11 of our online catalog.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

GN 809 Steel Clamp Mounts for Toggle Clamps

I'm here today to introduce another new series of products in our ever-expanding line. We now offer series GN 809 Steel Clamp Mounts for Toggle Clamps. These metric sized, RoHS-compliant clamp mounts were designed for use with toggle clamps that have a solid clamping arm.

The clamp mount can be moved along the clamping arm and be adjusted in height. Once the desired position is reached, you can secure the mount in place with the clamping screw. The clamp mount, when installed, functions to hold pressure screws, pressure dies, and similar devices. It is fabricated of zinc plated steel with a blue passivated finish and is offered in five sizes to function with a variety of toggle clamps.

To see our entire line of toggle clamps and accessories for same, visit Section 15 of our online catalog.