Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GN 366 Oval Handles

We continue to increase our product offering, so let me introduce latest featured new product:  series GN 366 Oval Handles in metric sizes.

Unique to the design of these RoHS-compliant handles is that the tube and the handle legs have the same elliptical profile.

The tubing is aluminum, available either in plastic coated black textured finish or natural anodized finish. The handle legs and cover caps are fiberglass reinforced technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), matte black or matte light gray. The tapped insert is zinc-plated steel.

See our complete line of cabinet handles in Section 3 of our online catalog.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

GN 7336.7 and GN 7336.8 Clamping Knobs with Indexing Plunger

Today we're presenting our new series GN 7336.7 Clamping Knobs with Indexing Plunger, as well as GN 7366.8, a version with safety function.

These RoHS-compliant knobs are used for positioning, securing and clamping adjusting elements simultaneously. The axial movement of the handle (pulling) pulls the indexing plunger from the engaged position against the spring force, with the knob meanwhile remaining connected with form-lock to the clamping screw via a hexagonal element. This design permits both clamping and releasing. The design of the GN 7336.8 ensures that the indexing plunger cannot be pulled from the indexing bore by turning the knurled knob, but only by deliberately pulling the handle (safety function).

The body of the knurled knob is glass fiber reinforced plastic with a black matte finish. The threaded body is zinc plated, blue passivated steel. The cover cap is glass fiber reinforced plastic with a light gray matte finish. The plunger pin is nitrided and blackened steel. These clamping knobs are offered in a range of metric sizes.

You can view our entire offering of ball, spring and indexing plungers in Section 10 of our online catalog.