Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY Camera Slider: WN 300 Levers as Adjustable Legs

We love hearing about the creative uses DIY-ers develop for our machine components, so we really enjoyed finding this video. It demonstrates how camera buffs can build a sliding camera mount using WN 300 Nylon Plastic Adjustable Levers for legs. This slider can be used for low-angle dolly shots, as you see in the video.

You start by using a bracket (like the IGUS brand's) to mount the camera on rail. The adjustable levers have studs that mount easily to the rail, forming legs that can be adjusted for height. Nifty!

Check out the video for a demonstration:

The specific part number referenced in the video is 6T16F36O. You can purchase these components easily online from our estore.

Interested in checking out our other adjustable levers? Visit Section 1 of our online catalog.

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