Monday, October 29, 2012

GN 113.7 Stainless Steel Ball Lock Pins with Plastic T-Handle

Recently added to our product line is series GN 113.7 Ball Lock Pins with Plastic T-Handle, in metric sizes.

These ball lock pins are used for rapid connecting and securing of components or work pieces. A typical application is locating pins which have to be regularly moved in and out of position. By depressing the spring-loaded push button, the two balls are freed, and by releasing the push button the balls are locked.

These RoHS-compliant ball lock pins have a T-handle of black plastic (Polyamide PA). The pin is stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4305 (American Standard No. 303). Balls are stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.3541, and spring is stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4565. A broad range of handle sizes and pin lengths are offered.

To see our full line of indexing, spring and ball plungers, visit Section 10 of our online catalog.

Monday, October 15, 2012

GN 516 Rotary Clamping Latches

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers GN 516 Rotary Clamping Latches in metric sizes.

These RoHS compliant components have a closing mechanism which transfers the rotary movement of the operating element (key) into a 90° turn and then into a 6 mm linear stroke. This mechanism is designed for common applications such as making a tight and vibration-proof interlock in the end position (retaining position) in connection with an elastic element (door/casing seal).

The lock housing is zinc die-cast, and the locating ring is zinc die-cast and plastic coated with a black textured finish. The latch is zinc plated, blue passivated steel. Seven types of operating elements are offered, including triangular spindle, 7 mm square spindle, 8 mm square spindle, double bit spindle, knurled knob, wing knob, and lever. The latter three types have handles of plastic (Polyamide PA), matte black, with matte light gray cover cap. Each type is offered in 22 sizes to cover latch spacings (retaining zones) of between 17 and 63 mm.

These clamping latches are one of many types of access hardware we offer. Check out our entire offering in Section 3 of our online catalog.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Metric Bearing Lock Nuts and Lock Washers

J.W. Winco, Inc.'s line of joint and accompanying components includes an extensive line of bearing lock nuts and lock washers in metric sizes.

These components are used to secure bearings onto a shaft. Lock nuts are of low carbon steel, plain finish. They are available in threads from M10 x .75 to M50 x 1.5, and outer diameters of 18 to 70 mm. Toothed lock washers are of spring steel, with plain finish, and fit the assortment of lock nut sizes. Additional sizes are available upon request. J.W. Winco also offers appropriate hook spanner wrenches for use with these components.

For more items in this line, visit Section 13 of our online catalog.