Monday, November 19, 2012

GN 852.1 Latch-Type Toggle Clamps with Locking Mechanism

The latest new product we'd like to share with you is our GN 852.1 Latch-Type Toggle Clamps with Locking Mechanism, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS compliant Latch Clamps are used when very high retaining forces are required. They also feature a locking mechanism which prevents the inadvertent or vibration-induced opening of the clamp. Another benefit of this clamp is the ability to operate it with one hand.

The base, clamping lever and catch are forged, chemically blackened steel. Bearing pins are hardened and ground steel. All moving parts are lubricated with special grease. The handle sleeve is oil-resistant red solid molded plastic. Holding force (Fh) of this clamp is 15,000 newtons [N].

This is just one of the broad range of toggle clamps offered by J.W. Winco. To see our entire line, visit Section 15 of our online catalog.

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