Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GN 119-NI Door Locks in Stainless Steel

Today we'd like to introduce another of our new products: GN 119-NI Door Locks in Stainless Steel, in metric sizes.

These RoHS compliant door locks have a drawing range of 10 mm. Locking is achieved by turning the door lock clockwise. The operating spindle is fitted with an O-ring to prevent the penetration of water. Four types are offered: with star knob, with triangular spindle, with square spindle and with double bit spindle. Zinc plated steel keys for the three spindle versions may be ordered as well.

The lock housing, spindle and spacer are stainless steel, European Standard 1.4305 (American Standard 303). The star knob for the knob version is stainless steel, shot-blasted finish, European standard No. 1.4301 (American standard 304 series). The cam is stainless steel, European Standard 1.4306 (American Standard 304). Each type of door lock is available in ten different clamping ranges, from 17 to 65 mm.

You can explore our complete line of door locks in Section 3, Pull Handles and Access Hardware, in our online catalog.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Retractable Cranks Available with Square Mechanisms

WRHC Round Version
J.W. Winco's patented WRHC Retractable Hand Cranks with Blind Bore feature a spring-loaded retracting mechanism that allows the user to fold the crank out of the way between uses. This unique feature could be just the thing your application needs--and now along with the standard round mechanism, we are able to offer these cranks with square mechanisms for certain minimum quantities.

The crank handle and body are matte black, glass filled nylon plastic with a zinc-plated steel molded-in hub. The revolving handle is black phenolic plastic with zinc-plated steel spindle. The retracting mechanism is zinc-plated steel, with a .375 inch bore. These hand cranks are RoHS compliant.

Square Mechanism
Call our sales department at 800-877-8351 and let us help you with your application! And to see our full line of cranks, visitn Section 6 of our online catalog.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GN 506 T-Nuts with Spring Washer

We'd like to introduce to you another of our new products: GN 506.2 T-Nuts with Spring Washer, available in metric sizes.

GN 506.2 T-nuts are designed for use with aluminum extrusions. They can be slid into position, i.e., inserted at any point along the slot. The spring washer prevents an unwanted movement of the nut in the slot, which is highly desirable on a bed with the T-slots in a vertical position. The unique feature of this design is that different slot heights can be bridged. One possible use of these T-nuts is to fit hinges to commercially available extrusion rails.

These RoHS compliant T-nuts are made of C45K, zinc plated, blue passivated steel. The spring washers are stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4310 (American Standard Series 301).

To explore our entire offering of nuts, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.