Friday, June 28, 2013

New Oil Drain Valves and Accessories

We just added five new series of products to our Fluid Level Indicators and Components line, designed to offer a cleaner way of draining oil, and the safe ventilation of containers.

Our GN 880 Oil Drain Valves replace conventional drain plugs in oil pans of vehicles or machines, and speed up draining of used oil while making the job neater and cleaner. Matching GN 880.1 Connector Pieces ensure the controlled draining used fluids. Bolted to the oil drain valve with a nut, the connector allows the oil to flow straight into the collecting pan without polluting the environment. Connectors are available straight or with 45 degree or 90 degree elbows, and without or with hoses of various lengths.

GN 881 Breather Valves automatically open inside an oil tank at a pressure above 200 mbar, and so avoid problematic excess pressure from building up. The same function is provided by the simpler but equally reliable GN 883 Breather Valve with its pressure spring and ball combination.
GN 882 Filters operate in both directions, allowing a defined volume of air into and out of the container. The integrated stainless steel wire mesh prevents dirt particles from penetrating the tank from the outside, while stopping oil particles from escaping from the container.

To view our entire line of Fluid Level Indicators and Components, visit Section 12 of our online catalog.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kicking Off Our Original Video Series

We're excited to announce that we've begun producing an original video series! We'll be creating an assortment of "Component Seminars" that will provide excellent information on how to select and use standard machine components.

We're starting with a series of four videos devoted to discussing how to choose the correct knob for your job. The first of these, on mounting options, is now complete and ready to view.

You can keep up with new video releases via our website and our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the next release, sometime in July.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

GN 6322 Workholding Pins

We're happy to introduce to you our new GN 6322 Workholding Pins, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant pins are inserted into bores for positioning, with the ball-type shoulder facilitating the insertion into the bore. The pins are tempered, hardened steel. Diameters range from 10 to 25 mm.

Type B is cylindrical in shape, while Type C has flattened sides on the pin. The flattened design of Type C provides tolerance for the spacing of the two bores. Another application of this design is to fix parts to be positioned in one direction only.

You can see all our Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components in Section 11 of our online catalog.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

EN 628.4 Cabinet U-Handles with Power Switching Function

Today we're introducing our EN 628.4 Cabinet U-Handles with Power Switching Function, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS compliant U-handles feature a push button which allows two switching positions. The status is displayed by two LEDs, red or green. The red LED will be lit during normal function. Pressing the push button (i.e., changing the switching position) triggers a control pulse which activates certain door functions, e.g., switching off devices or appliances. The LED color then changes to green.

The elegant design of these cabinet U-handles is also ergonomic, due to the arched shape of the handle and its rounded cross-section. The handle is technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA) with a dark gray matte finish. Cover cap is plastic with black matte finish. J.W. Winco also offers GN 330 connecting cables to accompany the handles; two versions allow for the cable to be connection either on the bottom or side of the handle.

To see our full line of pull handles and access hardware, visit Section 3 of our online catalog.