Thursday, July 18, 2013

GN 430.1 Ledge Handles with Lettering Block

New to our product line are GN 430.1 Ledge Handles with Lettering Block, available in metric sizes. Typical applications for these RoHS-compliant ledge handles include swivel or sliding doors on protective doors and equipment. They are also suitable for use as drawer handles.

Mounting is accomplished by means of a screw channel where multiple screws can be fastened to secure the handle. The screw channel for screw size M6 (extruded aluminum) allows an optimal number of fixing screws in any position within the dimensions l2. A minimum screw-in depth of 10 mm must be maintained.

Handle is aluminum, natural color anodized finish or plastic coated in black textured finish. End caps are technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), dark gray. When delivered, the end cap is mounted on one side so that the supplied paper/film strip can be lettered and pushed into the provided groove of the handle. The lettering block is manufactured of a bright white, age-resistant paper strip and transparent PVH hard film. Available upon request: aluminum profile sections in any length, individual end caps, single paper/film strips.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GN 313 Spring Bolts

Today we'd like to update you on our new series GN 313 Spring Bolts, available in metric sizes. Versions with or without pull knob are available, as well as with or without internal thread in the plunger pin. 

The plunger pin in these RoHS-complaint spring bolts does not protrude in the inoperative position. It can be operated manually via the Push / Pull Knob, or in the case of the types without push / pull knob, it can be operated mechanically (via a pneumatic cylinder, cam plate, etc.), where the plunger pin will protrude only as long as it is in the operation mode. 

An application example for the types with internal threads would be using the internal thread on the pressure side, for operation of special pressure bolts or a rod arrangement. 

The threaded body of the plunger is steel, with black oxide finish. Plunger pin is stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4305 (American Standard Series 303), chemically nickel plated. Knob is matte black plastic (Polyamide PA), not removable. Lock nut is steel, black oxide finish, DIN 439/ISO 4035.

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