Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Line of Oil Drain Valves Offers Safety and Cleanliness

We're excited to share with you about our new line of innovative oil drain valves, breathers and accessories with metric or BSPP parallel threads. These RoHS-compliant components provide for a no-mess oil system and safe container ventilation.

GN 880 Oil Drain Valves are available in zinc-plated steel or brass, with a plastic protective cap, brass valve plate, copper sealing disk, and Viton® rubber O-ring. These valves may be used for draining non-pressurized oil, and under certain conditions, also for vacuum drainage. Advantages of these valves are easy and safe handling, optimized flow rate, high pressure resistance (up to 100 bar), high temperature resistance (-22° F to 320° F / -30° C to +160° C), 100% leak tightness, prevention of burns by hot oil, and no mess from uncontrolled oil drainage. Flow volume depends on the viscosity of the medium, filling quantity and temperature; guidance values are available upon request.

GN 880.1 Connector Pieces are screwed onto GN 880 oil drain valves, activating the valve plate of the oil drain valve so oil will flow into a pan. The hose plug prevents the remaining oil from dripping out after discharging. The connector pieces are offered with or without drain hoses, in versions with straight, 45° or 90° connectors.

GN 881 Breather Valves are made of brass with plastic breather cap, silicone rubber-coated brass gasket, stainless steel spring and soft iron seal. Once a predetermined opening pressure level is exceeded, breather valves will vent into a container, preventing excessive internal container pressure. In its normal state, the gasket seals the container and prevents dirt and dust from getting inside of it.

Alternate series GN 883 Breather Valves feature very compact dimensions. The simple function principle (stainless steel pressure spring / ball) ensures long and trouble-free use of the valve. The installation position is vertical to the top. Two types are offered: short style without cap and tall style with plastic breather cap.

GN 882 Breather Filters, made of brass with a plastic breather cap and soft iron seal, are used when air exchange is to be allowed between the inside of the container and the ambient air. The stainless steel wire mesh filter prevents airborne particles like dust from being carried from the outside to the inside of the container. It also ensures that oil (or other fluid) particles do not escape to the outside.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

GN 334 Aluminum Oval Tubular Handles

Today we're happy to introduce you to our series GN 334 Aluminum Oval Tubular Handles, offered in inch and metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant handles are attractive in design and highly stable. Handle tube is aluminum with either a black powder-coated textured finish or matte natural anodized finish. Handle legs are zinc die-cast, with a black powder coated finish, or silver powder-coated finish. The tube and legs are secured together with self-tapping screws. Screw heads are covered with light gray plastic cover caps to provide a clean and finished look. Special custom handle lengths are available upon request.

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