Thursday, October 30, 2014

GN 440.5 Stainless Steel Leveling Feet With Tapped Socket

Introducing to you today our new GN 440.5 Stainless Steel Leveling Feet with Tapped Socket, Plain, with Elastomer Base Cap or Vulcanized Rubber Pad, available in inch and metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant leveling feet are simple, economically priced components. They will bear static loads from 7 to 16 kN. Base diameters from 40 to 80 mm (1.57 to 3.15 inches) are available. 

Leveling feet have a tapped socket of stainless steel, European standard No. 1.4301 (American Standard Series 304), shot-blast finish. The assembly screw is of stainless steel A2, loctited in place. The optional plastic base cap is made of a black thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with 80 Shore A hardness. The optional vulcanized non-skid pad is black Nitrile Butadiene rubber, with 70 (+ / -) 5 Shore A hardness.

To see our full line of Leveling Elements, visit Section 7 of our online catalog.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

EN 239.4 Plastic Hinges with Integrated Switch

We're sharing with you about another innovative new product added recently to our line, EN 239.4 Plastic Hinges with Integrated Switch, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant hinges were designed for monitoring guard doors and covers of machines and production equipment. Opening the door activates the switch contacts, which then interrupts a protective circuit via a break contact (NC) and at the same time signal the door opening by closing a make-contact element (NO). The integrated design, which features an ultrasonically-welded enclosure, makes these hinges compact, tamper-proof and easy to mount. J.W. Winco also offers matching EN 239.3 hinges without safety switch.

Hinges are matte black glass fiber reinforced plastic, with hinge pins of stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4305 (American Standard Series 303). Versions with switch on the right or switch on the left are available. Four types are offered: connector plug on top, connector plug on back, cable connection on top, and cable connection on back. Cable lengths of 2 or 5 meters are available.

To see our entire line of hinges, visit Section 3 of our online catalog.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

GN 227.4 A4 Stainless Steel Spoked Handwheels

We've added another quality machine component in stainless steel, our new GN 227.4 A4 Stainless Steel Spoked Handwheels, in inch and metric sizes, with and without revolving handle.

These RoHS-compliant handwheels are often used where a noncorrosive component is necessary, such as the marine and food industries. They are renowned for their high mechanical strength and are not affected by shock and knocks. They are of an attractive design and shape at a reasonable cost.

Handwheel body is pressed A4 (AISI 316L) stainless steel, with a shot blast satin finish. Solid hub is also made of A4 (AISIS 316L) stainless steel, welded to body. Inch size versions are available with round bore without keyway. Metric sizes are offered with round bore without keyway, round bore with keyway, and square bore. Various additional bore sizes, keyways, set screw holes are also available upon request. Diameters range from 160 to 400 mm (6.3 to15.74 inches).

To see our complete line of handwheels, visit Section 5 of our online catalog.