Thursday, November 13, 2014

GN 115.7 Zinc Die-Cast Door Handles with Latch Mechanism

Today we're introducing our new GN 115.7 Zinc Die-Cast Door Handles with Latch Mechanism, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant door handles are used when the application requires both a locking mechanism and a handle. A rotary movement limited to 90°—e.g. of the triangular spindle of type DK—shifts the key-bolt behind the door frame. The key-bolt is beveled, making the door-closing action easier. The choice of 22 differently shaped catch plates provides a range of latching distances from 4 to 50 mm, or .157 to 1.97 inches.

Door handles are made of die-cast zinc, with a powder coated textured finish in either black or silver. Lock hardware is zinc-plated steel with a blue passivated finish. Available types of latch designs offered are triangular spindle, with square spindle A/F 7, square spindle A/F 8, screw driver slot, and double bit.

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