Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EN 236 Plastic Adjustable Alignment Hinges

Today we're introducing our new EN 236 Plastic Adjustable Alignment Hinges, suitable for inch or metric applications.

These RoHS-compliant adjustable alignment hinges allow for technically and visually perfect positioning and alignment of a door in its frame. The serrations at the wings of the hinge (cross serration) and at the adjusting bushings create a form lock which prevents the hinge from moving after installation. The tips of the arrows mark the 0 reference point for easier installation. Depending on installation position (rotating by 90°) of the adjusting bushings, the hinge is adjustable both in vertical and in horizontal directions.

Hinge body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (Polyamide PA), matte black. The hinge pin is stainless steel, European standard 1.4305 (American Standard 303 series).

To see our complete line of hinges, please visit Section 3 of our online catalog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

GN 6319.1 Steel and Stainless Steel Spherical Washers, Seat and Dished Combined Type

For Cinco de Mayo, we are sharing with you about our new GN 6319.1 Steel and Stainless Steel Spherical Washers, Seat and Dished Combined Type, available in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant spherical washers provide an “undetachable” combination of male and female spherical washers similar to DIN 6319. This simplifies storage and allows for fast and efficient installation. The stainless steel versions are used for clamping in corrosion-free environments.

Steel washers are case hardened all round, depth .2 to .4 mm, hardness (550 + 100) HV 10. Stainless steel washers are European standard 1.4305 (American standard 303 series). Both types are offered to fit bolt thread sizes M6 to M20.

To see our full line of washers, as well as many other jig, fixture and fastening components, visit Section 11 of our online catalog.