Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Inch Size GN 421 Nylon Plastic Hollow Knurled Knobs with Threaded Stud

Today we're introducing our new inch size versions of GN 421 Nylon Plastic Hollow Knurled Knobs with Threaded Stud (added to our selection of metric size versions).

These RoHS-compliant knobs are made of black nylon plastic with a smooth, glossy finish. The threaded stud is zinc plated steel, molded-in. Various threads and stud lengths are offered.

The straight knurling on the knob surface provides a comfortable yet secure grip for fine adjustments or clamping. Knobs have a maximum heat resistance of 110°C (230°F). For certain minimum quantities, other colors are available upon request.

See our complete selection of clamping knobs in Section 8 of our online catalog.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GN 2404 Steel Telescopic Linear Slides with Partial Extension

Today we're introducing an item from one of our newest product lines: GN 2404 Steel Telescopic Linear Slides with Partial Extension, in metric sizes.

These RoHS-compliant telescopic linear slides are used, for example, for storage drawers and sliding doors, or in jigmaking for a sliding motion in a linear direction. If the support screw is removed on both sides, the sliding distance extends the length of the rail plus an additional distance of slightly more than half the length of the rail. External elements should limit the maximum sliding distance; the supports of the rail have been designed to guard against the inadvertent extraction of the runner from the rail.

Rail and runner are made of heat treatable steel, zinc plated, blue passivated finish, with the raceways hardened. Balls are made of anti-friction bearing steel, hardened. Ball cage is zinc plated steel.

To explore our full offering of Linear Slides, Telescopic Linear Slides, Cam Roller Linear Guide Rail System Components, visit Section 9 of our online catalog.